Our most advanced GUN CAMERA yet.

Learn how to improve your hold-point, move-with-the-bird, and breakpoint with ShotKam!


Watch Teal Season

Teal season cover photo(Varying Sunlight)

Watch Skeet

Screenshot-skeet-home vimeo.2(Bright Cloudy Day)


Watch Sporting Clays

Screenshot-sporting-clays-home vimeo.2(Mixed Skies and Backgrounds)

Watch Trap

screenshot-trap-home vimeo.2(Dark Overcast Day)

Capture Your Move

ShotKam is a gun camera which automatically records a video of each shot. It is uniquely designed to capture only the critical time before, during, and after the shot.

With an on-screen reticle (point of aim indicator), it enables shooters to see precisely why they hit or missed a target. The Wi-Fi capability allows the shooter, or coach, to analyze problematic shots while on the field.

Master Your Move

The complex problem of learning how to correctly lead the target can require much time and practice. ShotKam allows rapid identification and correction of errors. It provides a visual understanding of the process in shooting, whereby a moving target must be led, in order for the pellets to arrive on target.

Watching ShotKam videos, while focusing on the clay, trains the subconscious mind to put the muzzle in the correct place, at the correct speed.